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Mind pregnancy

I’ve been toying with this idea for a while and feel it is worth sharing to see what you think.

The body is put under a lot of pressure when pregnant to a point where you find it difficult to walk, can’t bend over…you know the drill ladies! Then there comes a time when baby has to be born because your body can not take it.

Stating the obvious, it doesn’t stop there though does it. Birth is just the beginning and I believe you stay pregnant until the kids leave home. Maybe.

You see, my daughter has gone to University and I am realising how much of my headspace she actually has been taking up. I know once you become a mum, that you stay one for the rest of your life but I have been thinking about ’empty nesters’.

Why is it so difficult when you have a baby, then it’s difficult when they leave home. It’s because you’re still pregnant, but in the mind. Just as a baby takes up space in your belly as it grows, a child takes up headspace and sometimes the ending is not as obvious and eventful as giving birth.

So even when your baby is born, you are still pregnant. The energy used up in physical pregnancy simply moves more to mental and emotional pregnancy. So, as in physical pregnancy, you still need to look after yourself, rest but at the same time also learn how to care for your new baby.

And with each year that goes by, as your baby grows and learns to stand on their own – physically, emotionally and mentally, you eventually have a mind labour and birth.

What do you think?