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Step 1 – Love your body; Illusions

The first step is to show you what really goes on in the media and how much work goes into processing images after they are taken.

When women are photographed, hardly anyone seems happy with their appearance with the main focus how they look; their nose is to big or there are too many chins or laughter lines. With SO much worry about their own appearance, they have missed seeing the loving connections between their families right in front of their eyes.

Enough really is enough.

Below is a video I think sums up the problem quite perfectly. Have a look by either clicking on the image or the link below

Dove evolution – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYhCn0jf46U

What did you think?

It would be helpful to write down some of your thoughts. Were you shocked? Surprised?

If you notice, first she has a full make over with hair and makeup professionally done. Then she has photographs taken with proper lighting and a professional camera with a proper professional lens. This makes a huge difference to what a photo looks like. I personally thinks she looked great just like that.

BUT then there is so much Photoshop done to her face and that just makes my heart sink! If someone that beautiful needs to have that much work done on her, what hope is there for mere mortals such as us to look great?

That is the point!

Modern day photography, with the help of editing software, changes images so far from the original that it is unrealistic. Some photographers out there seem to pride themselves on doing so much work on images to help women look ‘better’ (getting rid of bingo wings, flabby tummies etc).

Do you agree with this?

It would be interesting to note down a few reactions to this right now; if you were to have a photo shoot would you want the photographer to get rid of all the bits about you that you didn’t like? What would you get rid of? What don’t you like about yourself?

This term is called the ‘Photoshop diet’ or ‘Photoshop cream’; how to look good without even trying.

So the next time you see images on a billboard or are flicking through a magazine, look at it with this new found knowledge.

I’m sure you knew to some extent how much post editing has been done but now I hope you can see the extent to which it can be done and realise that these unrealistic views of beauty are just that;

Unrealistic and unachievable.

So your first exercise is to have a look at these images and make a note (either mentally or write it down) every time you see something too perfect.

Have a look at this talk from a model who talks honestly about her experiences by either clicking the image below or the following link:


I love this talk because it is from someone who has been there and literally walked the walk. Watching this also makes me think about what sort of messages are we sending to the next generation? Would you want your fourteen year old daughter to look so sexual? At what age do you think young girls feel the pressure to be ‘beautiful’?

It is my dream that, as women, we are comfortable in our skins and we are beautiful from within, not just have a surface beauty as fragile as egg shell, giving no joy or depth to our lives. Wouldn’t that be a magical gift to pass on to the next generation? Self worth, self confidence and an ability to love themselves?