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How to free your space and free your mind

Have you heard the saying that a tidy space reflects a tidy mind?

Have a look around you and see what is there. Are you deeply happy in the space you are in?

Our environments have a huge impact on our mental well being and for many people, if the space is cluttered and disorganised, it could be reflecting or affecting the mind.

How can we fix this? Declutter of course!! Go through your things and get rid of anything that gives you a bad memory or makes you feel bad about yourself.

Let go of the ‘when I loose weight, I’ll fit into this and that’, let go of the ‘one day I’ll make this or do this’ and the ‘I’ll fix this’.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are going to, then do it, take control and set some time aside to do it but look deep within yourself, if you are not, then let go and give yourself that extra headspace.

If something has got sentimental value but is broken beyond repair, then take a photo of it. If you love a dress because you have great memories of when you wore it but doesn’t fit any more, take a photo of it.

Can you think of examples of things you need to let go of but haven’t because of how it makes you feel? Or the memories you have because of it?

You will also be amazed that through letting go of physical things, you will find your mind will be freer and have more space for new things – physically and mentally. Perhaps new opportunities? New hobbies? New friends? A new look showing the new confident you

Photographing these objects can help you keep those feelings and memories without taking up physical space.

Give yourself a break and free yourself up from unwanted things in your life. Remember, taking photos of things can help you let go

Let me know if this has been helpful; What have you let go of physically but kept a photo for emotional reasons?


Now this has been knocking around for ages and comes and goes out of fashion. I guess the term mindfulness and the fact that so many people have talked about it, has made it slightly confusing and complex. I’m here to tell you it really isn’t. Again, this is a super simple but hugely important practice to get into.

For me, mindfulness is basically being fully and completely present in the moment. It has taken a lot of practice on my part and I know I’m not fully there yet. However, I do find this helps me take time out, sort of like a little holiday, a rest for my mind in everyday life.

You can be doing anything at all and the example I like to use is driving (sorry for those of you who don’t drive!), although this can be applied to anything at all. When we drive, how much is in our consciousness? Have you ever driven somewhere and thought, “How did I get here?”. That feeling of not remembering is because you are doing things unconsciously; you are so skilled at it, you don’t even have to think about it! Does that make sense?

Being fully and completely present means you are conscious about EVERYTHING.
As I am typing this, I can use all my senses to be present;
my eyes taking in the screen,
my ears hearing the whirring of my computer fan, the birds singing outside, my breathing
my fingers touching the keys, the movement of my fingers, the chair hugging my body, the desk under my arms
my nose smelling the jasmine incense, the rain outside, my perfume
and delving deeper, my heart feeling expansive, feeling at peace

I’m not thinking about what has happened before or what will happen after this moment. I am simply and fully in this moment.

Being present will help keep you calm, will relax you, will give you a little breather in your busy life.
It will help you become more aware of what is around you and your connection with your surroundings.
It will help you notice more of what you have, of how you are.
In this moment, you are fully conscious, you are awake to all you have and all you are.
It helps put things into perspective and gives clarity and focus.

You can choose how long you want to be mindful, sometimes 5 minutes is enough to give a nice little recharge if you need it.