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Love Your Body

downloadFirst few paragraphs of my 7 steps to Start Loving Your Body, free for you!

“I personally feel a lot of our body issues are projections of things going on in our minds. Because maybe we cannot understand or accept them, we project them onto our physical being to gain some control.

There is no magic cure on how to love your body but what I am offering you here, with these 7 steps, is the chance to change your mindset, to see things in a different light and to explore yourself and hear what the real YOU wants.

I know it’s not easy when life gets in the way or you find that you haven’t got the time, or sometimes you simply haven’t got the emotional energy to do any more.

But what is the alternative?

To continue to feel rotten when you can’t find anything to wear? Not looking people in the eye when you walk past them worrying that they’ll notice that one thing you are really worried about? Or maybe you don’t even go out anymore because the effort to cover up all those things that are wrong with you is just too much? Or you simply cry yourself to sleep every night because you just hate your body? Maybe you feel you don’t actually deserve to love your body or you don’t feel you deserve to love yourself?

This is your life and if you need permission to allow yourself to do this, then I give it to you. There comes a time when enough is enough, to stop the emotional roller coaster you are on and take a break. So make some regular time for yourself and tackle these 7 steps to finding your body confidence.

You have been given one life and you are in control of it. You and only you can decide which direction to take, even if that means a whole new path in life. You know what? You are worth it and you deserve it 😀

It is scary trying to do new things, but I promise you these exercises are not scary and are so simple to follow. You just have to allow yourself the time and space to go through the process, hear your inner voice and be honest with your answers. You will be able to learn so much about yourself, things you have forgotten and things you haven’t realised yet.

This is a safe, secure space where no one will judge you and you can finally be the YOU that you want to be.

Doesn’t that sound good? Are you ready for the first step?

Take my hand and let us begin…

First step, download your 7 steps to Start Loving Your Body copy and let me know how you get on!

Basic Health Info

1S4C3846Good health makes an active and enjoyable life possible as well as achieving what you want in life.

The World Health Authority defines health as:

“ a state of complete physical, mental, emotional and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

Physical health is the one we all know about; Good physical health can be achieved from exercise and eating well and the signs can be healthy skin, sleeping well, able to exercise, maintaining a healthy weight

Mental health is now becoming more into our awareness. Good mental health is a state of positive psychological well being where individuals are able to use their cognitive capabilities, function in society and cope with everyday life demands.

Signs of good mental health are optimism, self esteem, life purpose, belonging, feeling in control and feeling supported. Sometimes aspects of our lives can have effects on our thoughts and feelings, leading us to experience difficulties and problems which can affect your mental wellbeing such as bereavement, money worries, relationship problems and stress.

Note:  Mental illness:  refers to a diagnosable condition that significantly interferes with an individual’s cognitive, emotional or social abilities e.g. depression, anxiety, schizophrenia.

Emotional health is the ability to express all emotions appropriately, and to maintain a balance of positive and negative emotions. Signs of good emotional health are being able to keep things in perspective, connecting with others, self confidence,  aware of and can manage emotions, being content, able to make good choices…etc

Having good emotional health doesn’t mean you’ll never feel bad. It means being able to recover from the downs and find your emotional balance. Life can be challenging and we may get upset .  We have our ups and downs…but by being resilient we can find ways to cope with, and overcome those challenges is good for our  emotional well being.

Getting to know yourself and how you feel will help you notice the warning signs when you’re not well, such as feeling out of energy, tired, tearful, restless and agitated, anxious, not wanting to talk or be with people, not wanting to do things you usually enjoy, eating, drinking or sleeping more or less than usual.

Absolute warning signs that show you need to get some support are things like; using substances to help you cope with feelings, finding it hard to cope in your day to day life, not liking or taking care of yourself, feeling like you don’t matter – any of these warning signs, it is time to seek support.

You can get support in many different ways; talking to someone you trust can help like a counsellor, support worker, doctor, friend, family or Samaritans.