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Gardening to improve relationships

I have always found myself feel happier when gardening and when this has been shared with others, I have found my relationship has got stronger.

Doing anything with others such as a project helps bond and deepen relationships. In this instance, it’s gardening but I could say the same for photography, cooking, art…anything that you can have fun with.

When you are doing a project with someone, the focus is on the project and somehow, the connection blooms, conversation flows, silences are comfortable. And at the end of the day, you can not only enjoy the achievement in the garden but spend time in the garden enjoying the deepened relationship <3

The absolute joy the kids felt seeing their sunflowers get so big!!

Getting the kids to help with planting out seedlings with hubby. Precious, fun family times <3

If you’d like to join me on my new 6 month gardening to improve wellbeing program, please click the image below. We’d love for you to join us <3

The greatest teacher you’ll ever know

Maybe it’s just me but I find a lot of my answers to the big questions of life from nature. In this Western world it is the norm to rush, to do Everything and do it quick, do it to keep up, to not fail. We end up anxiety driven exhausted shells of who we are meant to be and I’m not sure we are designed as a species to live this way.

Nature does things in it’s own time. In it’s own season. With Spring around the corner, my mind is starting to think of the garden, to think of blooms. Starting to feel hints of fresh air, starting to see the first signs; snowdrops, buds, new growth.

This has all been my inspiration to put together the 6 month program Head Garden. I could have done a quick 6 week package but NO, I want to take time, I want to go at a slower pace, to go at nature’s pace.

You can’t force seedlings to grow quicker than they will, You can’t force things to fruit quicker than it’s meant to (OK, I know, you can technically with green houses etc ;)) When not interfering, nature does things when they are meant to happen.

We have lost the art of Patience. We have forgotten how to wait, to nurture, to work slowly and deeply.

There is such a need for quick fixes; I’m depressed, Here are some pills and you’ll feel better in 2 weeks. I’m anxious, Here is something to numb you instantly (take your pick from scrolling on social media, sugar, food, alcohol, drugs, gambling and do add your own)

For me gardening has forced me to slow down and remember how we are meant to live as a species, how we are truly meant to be. It calms my anxiety, lifts my depression all in the quiet and peace of my own back yard.

If you would like to join me on my 6 month program, starting 1st March, join me in gardening and looking at what else we can learn from nature, please have a look at the following link (click on the photo). I’d love to have you 🙂