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When my kids were little and so many of the mums I have worked with have had this same belief:

Everyone is looking at me and thinking what a bad mother I am”

We all think it but in reality, everyone else are simply trying to cope with their own emotions and their new baby.
In reality, it is us who judge ourselves the most.

So the first step is looking at what a good mother is. Write down a few words or sentences defining what being a good mother means to you:

Now have a look at what you have written and ask yourself these questions:
Are these my beliefs or someone else’s?
Where did I learn about motherhood from?
Does what I have learned, resonate with me or do I believe this because society says so?
Am I trusting my own instincts with my own child?

Having a look at what you have learned and what is being said to you will help you decide what kind of mum you want to be.
This is maybe the first time you are a mum and I am sure you are being given great well meaning advice from everyone you know – probably even people you pass by in the street! But just like anything else in life; YOU choose how you want to be as a mum.

How do you achieve this?
If you go at YOUR pace, create space and are self compassionate, you will learn to start hearing what your needs are and most importantly, hearing your own motherly instincts coming through.

You have full permission to trust and follow these instincts.
If you want to co-sleep, then co-sleep
If you don’t want to do the controlled crying, then don’t
If you want to take them swimming, then do

Having confidence in yourself and your instincts will make you so much happier in yourself and the cherry on top?

If you know your truth, you will not feel judged. If someone is judging you, you will soon realise it is their perception, clouded by their insecurities and NOT you.
You’ve got this.

Love your body – Step 3; Change body perception

Since we are little, we have seen ourselves in mirrors or in photos that someone else has taken of us.

How do you see your body? Take some time now to make a note of anything that comes to mind.

This exercise will gently help you start taking photos of yourself, in a fun way and will help you to see yourself differently.

Do you remember those crazy mirrors at the sea side arcades? The ones where you either look really tall or squished?

The images that you see in those mirrors are funny because they do not match up to the image in your mind about how you look. They are funny because your body is so distorted, in some mirrors, distorted to beyond recognition.

So, this exercise is about changing your perception about your body. Take lots of photos of yourself in reflections. The more distorted the better. I want you to see yourself as you never have!

This is a fun way to start learning how to take photos of yourself and to have a laugh at the images you create.

Taking photos of yourself is not a scary thing to do, seeing yourself is not scary and you do not look horrid, ugly – or any other negative thoughts that are popping into your head. (And are you batting them away with 3 positives?)

After you have a collection of photos, consider these questions:

Did you enjoy the process?

Did any of the images surprise you? What was the surprise?

Did any of the images upset you and why?

What emotions has it brought to the surface?

Which one is your favourite and why?

Is there a theme in your photos?

Did you find yourself concentrating on a particular area of your body?

Will you share your images? If so, who will you share them with?

What title would you give to your collection?

Make notes on anything else you notice.