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Love your body – Step 6; Beauty in your eyes

The media and the rest of the outside world are so good at telling us what to think and how to be but it is time we stood up and made our own definitions.

This is a chance for you to define what beauty means to you, not what others have told you but what you believe it means. It can be people, places, things, anything that you see beauty in.

This is another collage exercise. I want you to take photos, or find images of what you define as beauty. You can look at magazines but if you have any negative feelings or if you don’t feel good enough looking at an image, then don’t use it.

Use only images that make you feel good and show real beauty.

This is one photographer’s project on beauty http://www.chookooloonks.com/new-faces

If you can, try to take photos of beauty around you and if looking through online or magazine images, try to look at different cultures from around the world.

Are images of beauty from the villages in South America the same as the British? Or Zulu? Be as open minded as possible and discover beauty from the world, not just the country or culture you are from.

How about beauty from a different time? The 60s? 1800s?

You do not even have to stick to one species – how about beauty in the animal kingdom? Plant world? Landscapes?

Beauty is beauty, where ever it is found. You just need to open your eyes and look J

Once you do this collage answer the following questions:

What title would you give this collage?

Do you fit in this collage of what beauty is?

Was there anything that surprised you about your collection of Beauty?

Have your ideas of what beauty is changed?