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Change in the Seasons

4-seasons-1-treeBrrr…is it just me or is it getting colder in the UK? I can smell the change in the air, see the colours change in the trees, it’s getting darker earlier and the heating is coming on. All these signs point to us entering Autumn. To be honest, we have been really lucky with some great warm weather and sunshine, very out of season but now, we seem to be back on track.

Funny how we seem so aware of changes in the weather and we adjust accordingly; warmer clothes, lights on, comforting food – take a moment to think about what you do when the seasons change?

We’re very good at being aware of some things but what of the things happening right inside us? How aware are you about your emotions? Feelings? Mental Health?

The first step to becoming happier is AWARENESS.

If you’re not aware of the signs that something is about to happen or that you need to take appropriate action, then how can you prepare or adjust?

So with this in mind, I have ONE question for you:


Do you keep finding yourself in situations and think, “How did I get here, again??!!”
Do you find yourself getting low without any actual reasons you can put your finger on?
Do you cry at the drop of a hat and you don’t know where it has come from?

What area do you feel you need more awareness?

Reflective journalling

When starting my counselling studies 5 years ago, this was the first thing I was told to do. Write down what you think and feel, write a page, write a book, just write.

For this to really work, your journal needs to be private and for your eyes only so you can fully open up and be completely honest.

As I write, I find something quite magical starts to happen, I lose myself and the writing seems to come from elsewhere. I find my own answers to things, I comfort myself, I find options, relief and gain clarity. And loving stationary, I get to indulge myself with pretty journals giving me a little treat each time I write in them.

Journaling is a good start to having a relationship with yourself. You quickly realise what you don’t want in your life and realise what you do want and how to get it. It helps release feelings because they are being acknowledged and this can stop the feelings eating you up inside. It helps you objectively see any actions you need to take from an honest place and a very safe place.

Doesn’t that sound like a lot of benefits for a bit of writing?