Hello and welcome to my little home on the world wide web.

I’m Jessy and my mission in life is to help other people be happy in their lives through talking therapy and therapeutic photography.

So many of us bump along the bottom of life, not really in touch or know how to manage our emotions. We have a good understanding of what physical health is but very little about mental health.

Have you ever had someone listen to your inner most, deepest thoughts and feelings? Listened without judgement, listened without comment or question or advice?

I am offering you this opportunity today. Some of you might have friends and family you can turn to but still feel like you are not being listened to. Perhaps you feel you can not talk to them for fear of hurting or upsetting them. Or they give you well meaning advice and you take it because they love you and mean well for you.

But still you are unhappy, dissatisfied or lost. You feel unheard and still don’t know what to do.

If you have something on your mind and need to talk to someone, book some counselling with me.

I am a person centered counsellor which means YOU are the expert in your own life, YOU talk through your needs at your own pace and, with support, you find your own solutions.

I have seen powerful results first hand. If people are given a safe place to explore their minds and their feelings, they can find their own solutions and find their lives much improved

Make yourself comfortable, have a look around and please like my facebook page or follow me on the other social media like Twitter or Pintrest. My aim is to share what I have learned both personally and professionally to help improve your mental health and help you to be happier.

Welcome to the start of your journey to finding your authentic self, to your mind feeling at peace and having crystal clarity of your needs. If you have any questions, please do get int ouch, it would be lovely to hear from you.

You’re not alone anymore, I’m here to support you.

All my love,